Friday, March 9, 2012

How I Have Hindered My Family's Terrains and How I can Boost Them in The Future (or Now! )

Biggest concern here is too much SUGAR and too many PROCESSED foods.  I so hate that word processed, the word itself makes life easier at the same time it makes me gain 10 lbs.  So much easier to to use processed foods in my busy day....but oh the JUNK in wonder our country is dying of awful disease at an alarming rate....and I am oh too guilty. 

My goals :
To feed my family and myself at least 95% of our daily diet from REAL food.  If God grew it or put it here for me to gets an "A"  If I make homemade bread or other items in a whole food way with healthy gets a "B"  If I buy foods from a "whole foods" store ....they get a B.  Everything else gets an "F" and the "F's" need to become very limited. 

I want to spend more time outside.  I am doing an extensive garden for the first time this year (hopefully, its planned anyway)  Would like to do a few nature scavenger hunts with my kids.  My girls are playing softball....a great time for me to get out and practice with them.  I am so glad its almost spring !

Continue teaching kids about true "needs" and what is having "too much"  Teaching the benefit of a simple life...less "things" and enjoying having the sun in their eyes, picking flowers, growing food, cooking, spending time with each other, reading.....etc.  Teaching them that putting value in these things can lead to less stress and a content soul. 

So glad I am taking this course.  Its rather in depth and these are simple questions...but they make me think and plan....which is a good thing :)

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