Friday, March 9, 2012

Germ Vs Terrain Theory

My Own Abbreviated Philosophy on Germ Vs Terrain Theory.

Thoughts :
Balance in cleanliness is the key.  We need to have clean homes, clean bodies - but not be obsessive germ chasers.  Our bodies must be exposed to germs to build immunity.  Germ fighting is like most areas of our lives.  When we don't clean at all or become obsessive anti-bacterialists we are going to extremes, and neither is healthy for our bodies.  Our bodies are not sterile, as once thought by the likes of Louis Pasteur and others.  He believed that killing off all bacteria in our external ecosystem would eradicate disease.  This has been proven false.  Our bodies were meant to co-exist with bacteria.  Some of which are beneficial and necessary for our bodies.  Prevention of disease has been shown to be achieved the best through a balanced view of basic cleanliness and building up ones internal terrain through good nutrition, exercise , reduction of bad stress in our lives.  Now, to get my life and the lives of my family in closer alignment with that is the challenge.  God lead me !!  Ready....Set.....GO !

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